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The news and culture site geared toward the next great generation of veterans.

We are self-funded association of veterans. There is no charge for any of our service and membership. Wish to become involved or assist in some way? Please write, call, or send us an email message.

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Working with the ex-service community is an important part of our work in the organization.

Our military organizaion was established specifically to help veterans and their families. We welcome those who can offer their ideas, thoughts, and service in achievement of our objectives.

Our members’ testimonials

Nach meinem ersten Sprung war der erste klare Gedanke den ich fassen konnte: „Ich will nochmal! Mehr davon!“

Sophie, 22

Eine fundierte Ausbildung, von Profis gestaltet mit viel Kameradschaft

Marc, 19

A solid education, designed by professionals with a lot of camaraderie

Marc, 19

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